In honor of the Top Gear USA premier tonight, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the show and on those people that continue to hate on it.

1) Last year Top Gear UK came out with out with 8, that's right, 8 episodes last year. That means we get 2-3 months of Top Gear UK and then 9-10 months of waiting for Top Gear UK to come back. Would you really rather watch re-runs of Top Gear for like the tenth time over watching new (or somewhat new) Top Gearish TV, albiet not quite as good (but still pretty good).


2) As stated before, Top Gear UK came out with out with 8, hour long episodes, for a monumental budget; probably one of the largest budgets for any TV the wuuurld. Top Gear USA will put out 16, 40 minute long episodes, on a fraction of the budget. That means that Top Gear USA puts out 50% more material for a fraction of the budget. And your still going to bitch about the quality?

3) It has been noted that the chemistry isn't as good. Do you honestly believe that the USA crew will have as good of chemistry as a crew that has done over 150 episodes together and been through what they have together? The chemistry of the original crew wasn't great in their first few seasons. The chemistry is getting better for the USA crew.


4) If you no longer watch TG USA, quit bitching about it. If you stopped watching it, don't act like a whiny douchenozzle and rain on our parade whenever we discuss it. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you have to act like a massive wet blanket. I realize that you are a horrible person with a black heart and no soul, but take your bile elsewhere. Thanks.

5) If you do still watch it, keep your comments constructive. However, at this point every single flaw has already been brought up, re-hashed, and thoroughly beat to death. We already know the issues, you don't need to keep...on..bringing...them...up every time we talk about the show. Quit complaining and just enjoy the show, it will make your viewing experience better...I promise.


In conclusion, stop comparing a TV show that's amassed 150 episodes over 11 years with a huge budget and 350 million viewers with one of largest budgets in the world with a TV show that has amassed just 40 episodes over 3 years and a budget a fraction of the size. Stop bitching about it and enjoy the show for what it is.

*drops mic*

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